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London Hypnotherapy & Personal Development Specialist

Olivia Fenton MA, B.Sc, C.Hyp, AHA

Olivia Fenton is London's Leading Hypnotherapist and Personal Development Specialist. Internationally recognised, Olivia is the founder of Mind Matters where she has been improving and empowering lives since 2006.

Her office is in Covent Garden, the heart of London. 

Olivia, certified to Masters level, specialises in helping people overcome anxiety, low confidence, limiting beliefs, loss of direction and complex traumas. In a single session Olivia can reduce or alleviate symptoms.

She is a media expert who has featured in the Telegraph and Empower Magazine, she attracts clients in London, across the UK and all around the world. Her work includes clients from organisations such as the BBC, British Council, DFID and many more.

Are you feeling stressed by work, a relationship, insomnia or have an unwanted habit you want freedom from?

We provide a safe space for you to either talk through what is affecting you with counselling. Or to hypnotise you to remove unwanted thoughts, habits, and behaviours.

A discussion with a consultant counsellor/hypnotherapist will be able to determine what would be the best way forward for you.

London Hypnotherapy and Counselling Centre

Jan-Peter Schaapherder

Came for Stop Smoking Treatment with Hypnotherapy

As a heavy smoker I realized I had my priorities wrong, I needed to change immediately before the smoking affected my health more so. I had never had hypnotherapy before so was unsure what to expect but I had heard about Olivia’s method and her success rate so I went for it. I am so pleased and amazed, it has been 7 years since my stop smoking session and I have never looked back and haven’t craved a cigarette since!


Came for Counselling

Olivia Fenton was the answer I was looking for, for YEARS! Then when I found her, I couldn't get enough! One hour was never enough. And in five sessions I was done! I ran out of problems. I could not come up with new things to complain about, an excuse to see her. She gave me the skills to conquer my world on my own. She showed me how to reach inside to solve my own problems. It was genius! No one had ever been able to do that with me before. Olivia saw Me. She heard Me. And she knew how to help. I am indebted to her for life. Thank you.


(name withheld but “A” is willing to speak to anyone who wishes to ask her questions, feel free to ask the centre for her contact details.)


Came for Counselling

Making the decision to see Olivia was one of the best things I could have done. It is easy to see a personal trainer or dietician when physically we need some assistance, but to sort out ones mental and emotional issues always seems more difficult. Olivia assisted me with interpersonal relationships, self-confidence issues and believing in myself and my instincts.
Her strength as a therapist I felt was that she has experienced living in an ex-pat community as well as in a large anonymous city like London and so can genuinely empathise with the dynamics at play.

I wish I had the words to thank Olivia for assisting me in becoming the happiest version of myself and for allowing me to enjoy life’s victories and manage life’s downfalls in a positive and self-respecting manner.


Came for Hypnotherapy

I have struggled to sleep throughout the night for most of my adult life, when it is particularly bad I can’t concentrate enough at work and have no energy with the kids when I get home, I was also snappy with my wife making her life miserable. My friend had been to see Olivia for hypnotherapy and so I decided to give it a go. Olivia seemed to understand me immediately, I was very comfortable with her as I was going into a new type of therapy. After the second session I noticed I was sleeping a bit better, after 6 sessions I can now sleep through the night. The occasions I do wake if the kids cry or I need the loo I have techniques given to me by Olivia to get me back to sleep. Thank you Olivia for changing my life!


Came for Counselling

I found Olivia in the middle of one of the darkest times of my life. Her counselling and attentive listening and great insight made me not only understand unhealthy patterns that reigned my behavior in reaction to my environment but also slowly step by step changed the way I dealt with my loved ones and the diversity of other people around me. Whereas I felt significantly better after the first session I matured over the whole period of the therapy and still profit today of things I have learnt with her.

Meet Olivia Fenton

Cropped of me

MA, B.Sc, C.Hyp, AHA
Consultant Hypnotherapist and Counsellor

We all reach a point when we have had enough of our limits and we are ready for transformation.

I give you the tools to create the life you really want, I love transforming people to become happier and better at being who they really are, personally and professionally.

Growth is essential to survival and happiness.

With over 12 years’ experience in London and overseas I have helped thousands of people over the years transform towards a happier more fulfilled place.

I hold a Master’s degree and studied hypnotherapy and hypnosis in Birmingham in 2006. Prior to that I graduated with an honours degree in Sociology and Psychology at Loughborough University.

I am known for my warm, direct, psychobabble-free approach with life-changing effective results.